Frequently Asked Questions

We follow a pay-for-performance model which means we only get paid if we successfully capture revenue for your practice. Fees are customized depending on your needs.
We work with providers on as many appeals as needed. There is no obligation for a certain number of cases.
We are a HIPAA-compliant organization. We take patient information confidentiality very seriously with safeguards such as encryptions services and employee background checks/fingerprinting.
We have intricate knowledge of the appeals process with most major payers from California to Florida.
  1. Since we do not get paid unless you do, we share your focus on making sure all cancer cases get the focus and attention they deserve to prevent write offs.
  2. We are a consistent Oncology appeals resource that does not add to fixed overhead and staffing costs
  3. We improve the efficiency of existing billing and coding teams by removing the time consuming/labor intensive cases from work queues.
  4. Our team has a proven track record of 90% success rate with Oncology appeals.
No. We believe billing and coding are their own areas of expertise. Our expertise is partnering with billing and coding teams as a consistent resource to take on their most time-consuming appeals.

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If you have a question regarding our services please do not hesitate to reach out to us.